The most important speech of 2012 – Lana Wachowski at HRC Visibility Award

This speech is, to my mind, one of the most important things happened last year – that whole newly awakened realm we all share that Lana has opened and made it clear for the world is a fundamental and necessary step toward our new post-human society, an endless and free world, world of ideas with no scarcity of any kind.

At first, when I discovered this speech, it was some short version pulled out of HRC award giving context, some deep youtube videolink… To be totally honest with you, I had no idea up until recently that Larry changed his gender whatever… The fact is, the moment I saw Lana speaking I was like, “Wow! She IS sexy! And there is some important issues she is speaking about… Hmm…” I was compleeeetely oblivious of speech thematics and meaning. Couple of important points later, I was sunned! Immediately I found this original video and I put it all together in my mind. I realized the importance and meaning. But not entirely, not until I had delve deep into Lana’s words.

I reach my full sensibility capacity (intellectual, emotional and shamanistic) when night is at its peak and complete focus of my being is directed into words in my text editor (or something similar to that). In those moments I just… crunch, big amounts of data/meaning. I see things I am never able to see during the day with my “regular human behaviour”, perceived by public as everyday living of an average human being. Yes, during those moments magic happens. As I live on this planet, and “grow older” (whatever that means), I am reaching the point that I am less and less able to express my feelings, my thoughts and my perception of reality I see. Everything became so intense, so important and full full of meaning. There are moments I just wanna become an intelligent dust in the wind.

In one of those moments, several mornings ago I was finishing translation of this Lana’s speech to my native language. I was just sunned with barriers she shattered. As I see myself as a cyborg for more than a couple of years (post-human as long as I have memory of myself), I realized that exactly this barrier braking Lana did is the core mechanism of current evolution taking place in our global society. This small personal victory of a single human being on this unimaginably lonely planet stroke me as much personal as it can get. A simple survival of an ordinary, but yet in some ways different, human being, in an ordinary environment we all share. A life of an ordinary human being with impulses, emotions and needs we all share. A self-discovery common to all of us. A struggle of that awakened, newborn being, as hard and ruff as it can get, common to all of us again. And mere giving, a mere yield of that victory into others. For others. Into you, into me, into us! Having me, having all of us richer for this simple victory – just blew me away.

Everything and nothing just happened. For the moment the meaning of living just stroke me. There are two lines from Lana’s new movie she made, that are complementary and illustrative to what I am writing about now. And with those lines I would like to finish my addressing to you now. I love you.

Our lives are not entirely our own.
Whаt іѕ аn осеаn, but а multіtudе оf drорѕ?

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