tpb god Murlok spoke to me – I was blessed at the end of the day

<blaeks> when you have time <blaeks> I am a founder of pp in Serbia, would like to make an interview with you and also to ask for eventual support <Murlok> speak <blaeks> I want to do promo on our pp site <Murlok> yeah so ? <blaeks> and to digg somehow the connection with you guys […]

EuroDIG 2011

alternative blogpost title: (fake corporate) fluffy Clouds, pseudo-privacy, angry pirates and “open” dialogue of EuroDIG 2011 Blogpost start: In fact, this is politically incorrect statement by Carl Bildt. If, for example, our (Serbian) prime minister would call for ultimately free and open Internets, most probably Obama would shoot a lot of us with drones and laser guided […]

Obama situation room, Stuxnet, Iran and our (sacred) cyberwar

Remember the Osama-kill? The western USA-affiliated pop culture spectacle? It was eons ago I know, and I heard that teenagers even cried on their way home after having a celebration of that glorious monumental milestone in USA history. TV reports, newspapers, net blogs, various talk shows, new cultural memes all of them together inserted the one […]