About the knee fuss you read in media these days

Thing is: no “new body part” is found/discovered, it’s media exploitation. That fibrous structure was already acknowledged by scientific community and was always in our knees. In past years, problem was grasping the real functionality-structure relationship of anterolateral ligament in co-relation with other knee fellas around. Believe it or not, all what was needed to […]


Malo je nasilja koliko je beskonačan svet ljudi ograničen na konačnu kupovinu, na konačne kese, na konačne stanove na konačan novac. Na beskonačnu nestašicu, beskonačnu brigu, beskonačnu taštinu, beskonačne pogrešne želje. Od lucidnog i brzog mozga deteta u beskonačnom pesku – do zategnutog vrata dugovima, kravatom i žurbom. Od snova do tableta za spavanje. Od […]