About Finger

јагњећа бригадо - сиши!

☮✿♥ establishment fucktards luv ya ☮✿♥

*this page represents just one layer of my self-exploration. it’s a 2008. – mid 2013. period in my life. so far I am here. :D


I am a normal ordinary responsible cyborg. I think that human intelligence is a handicap, and the beauty itself is dumb.

I made a pirate movement around me based on other (smart) models because I had to focus the energy so it would not brake my finger out of constant stiffness.

Saving the finger I broke my brains and spilled my guts out. My environment gang-raped my intellectual and emotional spheres. My fears became real and my weaknesses depersonalized me. When I was down in mud, rapists came again and pissed on my wounds. Then, out of nowhere ego saved my ass from suicide. Politics lesson: learned. I felt I kinda found myself (again?).


During mid 2013. my creative energy starts to focus on art performance and philosophy.

Same year, a bit later (September) I dramatically reduced my hate speech and all possible political/destructive/confronting/grim/dark collaborations/thoughts. I tend to place all those dark mind-fields is in my Турбофолк SF novels/writings. There will be a self-published collection soon. I feel like a found myself (again?) :D

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