Privatize Religion!

Do not waste your brainpower, the rest of the world needs it.

In respect to all worth-leftover-bits of the true believers, which are being manipulated by the official churches all around the world, I dedicated significant amount of my energy on dismantling those institutions. The supreme goal is, non dogmatic, open and free world of love, reason and knowledge.

Once we dismantle church as an institution, believers will in fact see the ridicule behind it. Arm yourself both with patience and knowledge. Never stop self-educating yourself. Text below is what I practice and what I learned so far.


First, and most profound step is not to pay any attention to those mobster motherfuckers in weird dresses and expensive cars operate in “sacred temples of sheeple herds“. Everyfuckingone of them is an attention whore. And the best way to kill the attention whore is not to feed one with the named attention. It’s the same mechanism with the trolls of the Internet – they all die when they don’t have the food to power their useless, yet important existence. Having said that, I see the importance of religious blindness as a call for all of us. Call for reason, also call for science to speak out louder and clearer. This is fucking responsible shit we all have to do. Be the fucking change you wanna see around. *all teh <3 & respect goes to Gandhi here

Second is to talk. Yes. Talk. We, reason-based people can do it, and we are obliged to do it. The mechanism behind this is also simple. Let them talk themselves all the way down to their ridicule. My practice showed that they (irrational and dogmatic persons) will explain every fucking bit of that shit for you. You just need to repeat that statements and simply ask for a reasonable argumentation. Be persistent, you are facing with the centuries (in fact millennia) of dirty brainwashing and prepare yourself that your talks will last for months! It’s a bargain, in one hand are months (to catch the reason), in the other are fucking millennia of bullshit. Eventually, they will see and understand reason, and when that happen you just let them digest their new reality. Walk away. Your job is done. Go further. Non all of them will manage to cope with the rough truth. Many of them will most probably die or go insane. Many of them will fight back, even attack you physically – so be aware of possible shit when the first stroke of enlightenment comes.

Third: be proactive! You are never prepared enough and you do not know a shit! Remember that. You do not know a shit! So, what else you can do than to prepare your brains and guts for the Monster of The Surrounding Real than to think in advance and have the guts for unexpected. This is a dirty job. You will face people so distorted and sick that will make you shit bricks. When that happen just be happy to see another interesting shit of reality and apply previous procedures ;)

Fourth shit is reserved for the true pioneers of this revolution. It’s the most complex, visionary and implicit act. It is simple: strong and moving act of displaying as much as there is ridicule and idiocy of believing in dogmas trough sarcasm and smart social action. This acts are well planned, backed with profound understanding, outside-of-the-box thinking/acting and extensive learning/knowledge. Of course, one is required to have big balls for this kinda shit.

That’s it for now. As this project develops, I will disseminate news as well.
Be smart and stay smart.
Be agile and stay agile.
Finger The Man.


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