Destroy Toy Industry!

“Kids who make their own toys, will make their own lives as well. “

Rationale for this action is simple. Besides that toy industry does not deliver green and healthy products to the kids around the world, they distort the very foundations and values of the future society. This is in fact, the dirtiest and the most destructive “businesses” our society have today.
Purchased toys induce lack of critical thinking!
Purchased toys
imply lack of self esteem
Purchased toys make the kids stupid and disfunctional!
Purchased toys imply violence!
Purchased toys imply war!

Think about it for a while – who is setting your kid to be a “shopper” when it “grows up”. It wont be you for sure, you don’t have the capacity for such monumental distortion and repression of human potential – it’s the fucking toy industry! Either way, parents do not have the control over their children, they never were and they never will. Having that, the most responsible act one can do is to ensure, in fact to design the environment in the way which will stimulate and seed PLAY, INNOVATION and OPENNESS which will eventually ensure PERSON’S INTEGRITY. 

We, as a society, are the losers of our ignorance of having the toy industry producing repressive mind machines for kids in front or our very eyes. If we continue to shop fucking toys, our future society will be locked up with shoppers and consumers – and that’s it! Only the lucky ones and the crazy ones will have themselves. This is a fact happening as you read this shit!

I suggest you not to buy ANY toy, EVER! Make your own toys, teach your kids how to make their own toys! Transfer the Play to them and guide them to understand the causality of reality. Learn by play, and play by learning.

There is no special ingenious recipe on how to destroy toy industry, it’s simple:

One thought on “Destroy Toy Industry!

  1. pa to, mi smo ubacivali negaseni krec u kocki u ono dole od oluka posle kise i onda umocis slamku plasticnu unutra koja se odma istopi, tako se ucila hemija…

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