My Public Pgp Key

Here is the key to sign your emails to me. Thanx.

Also I would suggest to run this things on your machines:
00 – operating system for your computer, just one out of many. check out blends derivates
01  – awesome mailer
02 – thingy to handle pgp shit for thunderbird
03 – “Different by Design” web browser
05 – crypt your data

Some essential firefox addons:
firebug – check out teh page code
flashblock – save both nerves and electricity
foxyproxy standard – proxy a click away
https-everywhere – use condom when you fuck a stranger
session manager – eventually firefox will kill you, let that happen in style
showip – it is good to train brain with numbers. when the global Internet blackout shitstorm comes again we do not want only Raymond Babbitt to know all the addresses
ghostery – you will be surprised how “friendly” websites practically _molest_ your browser, cpu and your soul
domain details – dress like a hacker, act like a porn star
trackmenot – track me not
noscript – firefox, as it is today: devastated, needs help. since I am not a coder to help mozilla foundation I help the society by helping myself

I suggest pidgin as your universal IM thingy. Give your IM bird a dark OTR-ed wind-shield and finger Teh Man.

Oh, yes. If you are a werdo who enjoys watching the hell of tracking behind your back, your should certainly checkout the latest Mozilla Collusion. (probably you wont see a shit if ghostery does its job)

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