Murmurs of Earth – NASA Voyager Golden Record (download and share earthlings’ pathetics)

*meanwhile, until I finish the second part of CEU school analysis. 

DOWNLOAD - NASA Voyager Golden Record, Murmurs of Earth CD-ROM

DOWNLOAD – NASA Voyager Golden Record, Murmurs of Earth CD-ROM

Liberate tute me ex inferis“. That’s how I would name “Voyager 1” mission. Also I would pack that “CD” with some real metal shit. This “murmurs of earth” is nothing but lonely, pathetic cry for a friend in a nearby galaxy.

This mourning I was reading the slashdot and this article motivated to even more free-up this “iconic” pack of sounds and images, mostly because it’s copyrighted. A finger to The Man a day, keeps the doctor away – that how I build my karma:D
But, maaaaan! If I would be an extraterrestrial and if I stumble upon this shit I would be soooo bored. But I would give it a try, as I did. Then, after 15mins I switched to Pearl Jam – Ten. I am super-sarcastic today, maybe it’s the temperature here in Belgrade (my fucking ATI GPU is at constant 77° degrees of fucking Celsius). Couple of nights before I was dreaming that my laptop started to leak oil from the barring ring of cpu fan (which does not exist – there is a damn smart carbon based grease which can be raped for three years in a row _proven_ ). That was stressful! In the other hand I was damn proud of my machine, which was able to rock _with_ that severe “injury”.

Let’s get back to Voyager-Murmurs shit. It is funny to listen all those people back in the 70s and all that dramatic directing to represent us, sounds of Earth, earthlings, iconic music, 55 languages greeting (there is a clear Serbian too;), wood picking, a lot of boring classical music and no metal inside >_<. If today’s responsible countries would gather, I am damn sure that they would include a lot of metal songs and messages. At least we would not sound pathetic.

Even if extraterrestrials find this Voyager 1 pack of misery, they will just ignore it/us like bunch of pathetic, emotionally immature and loneliest beings they ever encountered. Also, here on Earth we would cry if they would address to us.

We (earthlings) are the most pathetic and loneliest beings in this part of the Universe – on top of that we are so miserable in our attempt to get attention that we almost stopped doing that because we believe, with tears in our eyes that voyager/pioneer missions are representative and good enough. In fact, we stopped this Universe quest since we stopped the east vs west space-cockfight. How miserable is that?! It looks like that we needed friends of a nearby galaxy to praise the supremacy of one nation space program. We had a “bright” future of Universe discovering fifty years ago, but today we are digging the endless shit of human conspiracy and evil. It will take us some time to get back on trax. Look up/join the open space programs, crowd-sourced satellite programs… Until than look at this calculations of how miserable we are. Cheerz!

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