Ironically, the moment they stopped laughing the dude said the funniest shit of the day:

– Did you know, I was conceived to existence while my mom was checking her reddit inbox?
– Dude, stop! You’re killing me for hours, I really need to finish this shitty masturbation addiction detector. Do you even comprehend the size of this handless masturbation market?! Shit! At least admit that your parents are damn idiots. I mean, hell! Checking the reddit mail during fertilization!? How sick is that?! Did they even read the specs of Jin-Jang nano cells?!
– When I think of it that way, I do too think my parents were rednecks with nano implants. Aside that cheap notion of pawing the nano-way for us, they were also trippin’ that they were making The New Humans. The special ones, and beyond their reason.
– But we are beyond their reason, dude. That’s the irony.
– The innocence of their good will is what brought us here.
– Where, dude? Fucking while in live contact with their children that they’re making in that exact moment? Sick if you ask me. It’s just not funny anymore. You are ruining my day now. What is this special place that we are in?! Please. The pinnacle of our civilization today is this sophisticated global masturbation addiction detection kit we are developing this weekend. Imagine if aliens landed on Earth this weekend. I’d kill myself immediately. Thank Gods that with the nano revolution incame the selfdestructing sequence and social acceptance of suicide.
– Yes, it is pretty ironic that our nano layer recorded all those lamest moments of our parents making us. At least they were old school fuckers, they did it with theirs penises and vaginae.
– True, they were beasty motherfuckers and they fucked well back than. But, the government fuckers say we have root access to all of our bodily machines and memory – NOT! Fuckers! The fist and only thing I actually want to eradicate from my memory are those pathetic moments. Thank you, philosophers, for all your shitty “consciousness expansion packs”. Idiots. Consciousness is supposed to be omni-forward oriented, not urino-vagino-anal.
– You are right. No one expected the 21. century to turn so nano-visceral.
– And parental.
– Yes. And parental.

… they just stopped the bull talk and continued playing with their interplanetary and high Earth orbit gooes for several minutes.

– Hey! Please, be so kind, bro, as to move your swarmbots out of my crater. My guild is about to migrate from the dark side. We prefer solving the Sun’s radiation shielding more than you guys did with your limpdick deep space X radiation detection and classification.
– Oke, let me check if the ion drives are nominally heated. … Cool. I’m moving back. You are lucky I’ve got visual on the Moon, my deep cloud vision satellite is off this afternoon, had to reboot due to weekly nozzle cleaning and engine upgrade.
– Thanx!
– Now see your infantry die in style! Muahahhaah!

… pew, pew, pew! blip, bloupf, bloupf. pufff, pufff. Their ThinkPads happily squeeked and sang trougout the afternoon.

2 thoughts on “2023.

  1. To je onaj deo zvan ‘hi-tech’, šta bi sa onim delom koji je nazvan ‘low-life’?
    Pitanjem, naravno, impliciram da je u pitanju Cyberpunk-čina neka…

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