Grizzly fight – a precious fighting model

These days I watch Herzog’s films. In his amazing filmography “Grizzly Man” may be the least “his”, since the all footage of this animals was filmed by Timothy Treadwell. Aside the story of this special man, the fight amazed me the moment it started.

This year I train and re-learn the fight skills after long period of inactivity in that field. Seeing this was precious. Complete fighting philosophy is condensed in those three minutes. At the beginning relaxation and rest. Right after that readiness and complete mobilization. And man, those brief and speed-of-light moments of anticipation!!! Right after that raw power and endurance are displayed and continued with sacrifice techniques of smaller bear. The bigger bear obviously underestimated the non-giving-up smaller bear, but he had him almost till the end when smaller bear managed to reach his ear/neck (again) to continue the pain infliction. At the end of fight, they both know who’s the winner. Mutual respect and acknowledgement at its best. Life continues.


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