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FDA Official: “Just Eat A Goddamn Vegetable

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Focus on ranking (think of search ranking, google) – high ranking content/health;)

Are we prioritizing wisely? Here is Interesting comparison:
stent is one of the highest tech cardiac devices but prevention to cardiac decease is: 0 (zero)
nutrition – have potential risk cut 72%

“Mediterranean Diet: Lyon Heart Study”
– [download paper here:]
*basically Mediterranean diet is: more fruit, vegetables, fish (less red meat more fish), nuts, olive and canola oil, whole grains

Many people believe that dietary changes take a long time to happen and then when they do, they’re very small. But you can see here the curves begin to slide well, within the first year. So we see the changes very quickly. You don’t have to wait a long time to see them.

Fascinating thing that we’re just now uncovering is that you’re not only helping your own health, but you’re improving the health of your next generation.
This study shows that mothers who eat a Mediterranean diet during their pregnancy reduce the risk of childhood asthma in their children by 70%.

There are many ways you can alter and activate your genes – it’s like changing the temperature in your room, you can do it with window, blanket, pushups… Many ways.

“The effect of fruit and vegetable intake on risk for coronary heart decease”
– [download paper here:]
– 1 servig green leafy vegetables/day reduced coronary risk by 23%
What is so special about spinach? It’s amazing pack of ingredients pre-prepared by Nature. Irreplaceable

# A lot of dark green, leafy vegetables

Blueberries and strawberries
3 servings/week – 93 600 women studied 18 years – 34% reduced risk of heart attack

Lyon study [Mediterranean Diet: Lyon Heart Study]
~5 servings of vegetables per day
This is a salad filled with dark green, leafy vegetables and a whole plethora of colors of different vegetables to go with that. So you can see it’s quite a large, stocked side salad. So two of those. And one with lunch perhaps, one with dinner and then a side portion of vegetables. That would be kind of the total that we’re looking for in the course of a day. If you don’t like salads, it could be steamed vegetables or some other assortment. But in terms of quantity, that’s what we’re thinking about.
Fruit: It would be a side portion of berries as shown here, you might eat with breakfast. And then an apple to go with it later in the day.
That’s all you would need to eat.

# Carbon hydrates
LEARN: Glycemic load –

# Whole Grains
Whole grain has three parts that are important:
– The Bran > fiber, B vitamins, Flavanoids
– Germ > Antioxidants, Phytochemicals
– Endosperm > nothing but starch

Examples of whole grains:
– oatmeal
– quinoa
– brow rice
– barley
– bulgar (next quinoa)
– farro – (A very healthy, whole grain, delicious when steamed)
– pop corn

# Nuts
– phytosterols.  – they’re a natural plant oil that actually reduces the absorption of cholesterol from our diet, which is a good thing.
– magnesium
– Vitamin E
– Monosaturated fat – they have a lot of fat, but predominately this healthy monosaturated fat

What happens when we eat nuts?
Dose: 4 handfuls nuts/week (Almonds and walnuts have been studied.) > 37% lower Heart risk.

So I’we shown you some examples of the incredible health benefits of fruit, vegetables, dark green leafy ones in particular, strawberries and blueberries, and nuts.

Accreditation for Requirements for Doctors Training to Become Cardiologists: search for the word “nutrition
[download here:]
results: ZERO (same for “food” and all substitutes for nutrition)

For the interesting reason that when health care people adopt healthy behaviours themselves, they’re much more likely to counsel their patients about healthy lifestyle behaviors.
And probably all of you can sense that.
When you adopt healthy behaviors, you know, you start to run, aren’t you more likely to tell your friends about your– or your children about running?

# Walking
30 minutes of walking a day will cut your heart decease risk by 14%. And the more you do the greater the benefit.
And, interestingly – if you brake that into three 10min blocks, you get the same benefit (even more in certain studies).
It’s not that hard to do, but it’s very potent medicine.

# Mind/body connection
There’s really no separation. We tend to think of them as two distinct areas. But they are actually are so interrelated there really is not a meaningful distinction. We just think of them differently.

So, the goal is to hit the Happy road:)

# Touch
Importance of social interaction in touch.
60% fewer plaques in rabbits that were regularly petted.

Now, what can you do to improve your own health?

# Meditation and prevention

“Stress Reduction in the Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease”
– [Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes 2012;5:750,]

They took 201 patients who had coronary artery disease and they treated medically exactly the same. So this wasn’t a test of whether one group of medicines was better than another, the same group of medicine. Half of them were randomized to a group that did meditation twice a day. The other half were treated identically, but no meditation. What did they find? At the end of the study period, five years, they found 48% fewer heart problems in the group that meditated.

48%, that’s astounding.

I can tell you there is no drug in cardiology that confers a 48% benefit in any category, in any category.

# Biophilia
There’s a term called biophilia, which is our attraction or longing for things that are alive, for nature.

“View through a window may influence recovery from surgery.” – science 1984; 224,420 – [download paper here:]
The group facing the wall needed far more medications and they took more time for recovery than group near window.

# Breathing exercises
We can reduce blood pressure by a series of programmed breathing exercises. (J Clin Hypertens 2004; 6,533)
15mmHg drop in systolic BP with 25min/week x 8 weeks
With no side effects! It’s amazing thing.

A life changer vid:



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