Knowledge is not production, knowledge is discovery.

I was reading/answering a spam questionnaire sent to me by Institute Of Physics Belgrade, (they are conducting somekinda’ pulse palpation of the nation in order to improve their work. LOL). Of course they managed to defeatize, nationalize and xenophobize everything with this questionnaire. Expected. Even more than that, they even state that we are getting out of our economical crisis and crap like that. Even people I know here, who are heavy alcohol and drugs addicts never said/fantasized/drunken-seen that we are getting out of this economic disaster. Moreover, our annual budget is gone, yet we still have a second half of this year ahead:D At the end of questionnaire everything becomes clear – since president honoured the institute with some religious award, they feel obligation to improve their work and “do something“:D Religion imposed ass sucking and cock circlejerking. Standard state affairs.

But I respect stupidity and dogmatism. Ironically, they help me direct some light on various subjects. This morning: knowledge. Fact that stroke me:
Knowledge is not production, knowledge is discovery.
Knowledge is not the product. Product is product.
But! Black magic of today, the omnipresent hyper production of (guess what…) _products_, make us think that even knowledge can be produced. Not just produced, people think that knowledge can be owned! Like a car. All those asses who work for imaginary property organizations use that shitty paradigm: “You would not steal/copy a car.” Of course we would not steal a car, but of course we already copy cars – not just because it’s cool to copy cars, it is also useful and significantly cheaper.

On the other hand, closed minded/conservative/religious people miss one simple point: we all learn by copying. Example: when a professor finishes the lecture on Pythagorean theorem, he or she miraculously still have the knowledge on that very same Pythagorean theorem. Usually, the difference before and after the class is 30 heads more with Pythagorean theorem in there. No one loses, everybody prosper. Even Pythagora.

Problem emerges when author of that precious knowledge is alive, and even more complex problem stands ahead when that author is alive and greedy. Those people think that they are soooo special and sooo unique and they are ready to kill and destroy everyone who mention, use and (God forbid) utilize that discovery without paying infinite amounts of money + special cock sucking treatment as a required minimal payoff. Furthermore, when it comes to religion death and curse are immanent when remix of religious “knowledge” happens. Resistance in that case is – futile.

Some would say, proper punishment for blasphemy. I tend to think more or less the same:D If people are sick enough to remix religious dogmas, and treat those remixes in other way than remixes (another religion for example) they are sickos inded.

. . .

Let me maximize this two mentioned mechanisms in order to distinct them.
When production is maximized it is: slavery, exploitation and destruction. Production power source: distortion based on fear, exclusivity (scarcity) and lack of basic common sense.

When discovery is maximized it is: brave new world of ideas and creativity. Discovery power source: perfect balance of courage, intuition, imagination and reason.

THAT is the main difference between scared&greedy pro-imaginary property people and relaxed dudes of the future.

. . .

I mean, look at this conservative egofagging:
There is much cooler achievement of our neighbouring burek-eaters of Bosnia. They successfully managed to lunch Burek deep into Earth’s stratosphere. With NO government funding whatsoever.

Our president (currently the face of educational campaign which will save the lives of many Serbian children “decorated” the institute with this special-religion-based award:

. . .

Yet another representation of a closed minded world.
Religion and imaginary property are the poles of that world.
For this special occasion a religious symbol was handed over to a scientific institution as a sign of gratitude and honour. It is like slaying the animal for good crops and summer rain. Imagine the laughter of future generations when they read the history of scientific development in this region. Bizarre.


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