I am not a political pirate no more.

Hereby I distance myself from Pirate Party, Pirate Party of Serbia and all related/affiliated political Pirate Movements on Earth.
I am not distancing myself from the _ideas_ of Pirate movement, I am walking away from political trickery and soul selling. So called “intellectual property” does not exist and my fight for that fact of life continues!

Greatest human achievements are based on learnings from their greatest mistakes.” (you know who said it and when;))
So, I decided to learn from my greatest mistake and move forward.

Long read:
I am aware that I can provide much more than just for my existence. I make for the living as a motivator – basically. Technical part of my job is something that anybody can do, the spice and that “magic” that changes peoples lives is what I have to fight for. Various complicated situations in life can drag you away from what you really are, and it is important to keep learning while making excursions;) (keep your notes file open and have your backup option ready in one command line;))

By choosing to do that trough _political_ party/organization I handcuffed myself at the very beginning of my quest. That slimy and dishonest job of politics extracted&activated the worst chunk of my inherited gene pool.

I am a child from a small craftsman’s family (http://kacarobacvar.com/). Growing up, values that my eyes could see and embed into me as personality were: continuous and everyday hard work, honor, modesty and responsibility. None of which are values of politics. Fundamental mechanism of politics is monopolizing and legitimizing the power over (more and more) authority. And there is no other way around in acquiring that power position but to accept that authority and give up all your freedoms and personal integrity. Even then when the idea you are fighting for is the newest and most progressive one in the world (pirate ideas in my case). That collective decision of focusing the pirate fight in political realm was auto-regressive decision at the very beginning (same mistake but on a global scale comparing to me). But hey, that happened to almost every great idea.

Do not be fooled by official and “legitimate” pirate parties around the world. Pirate politics is as dirty as any other political fraction. In war and politics everything is allowed. Wars were always induced by political decisions and no war was induced by open communication and friendly exchange of knowledge.

I see no reason why empathic and intelligent human being would choose to do politics. Politicians lack in many fundamental empathic aspects in order to function in politics – the job is nothing else but God-like trading with fundamental values of our society.

If you consider politics, you should learn from my mistake. I learned it the hard way. Lost my nerves, time and money believing that the system can be “hacked” or changed for the better from inside. No, it can not. One can only be assimilated and there is no way redeeming your soul back once that is done.

I was lucky not to succeed in my political endeavours. People might think that I would do exactly all those bad things if I only had a chance to materialize the potential political power I had in my mind – we will never know that. What I know is how hard and deep my internal struggle was, how divided I was. Deep inside me is honest, hard working and naive soul – always ready to accept and help people as they are (which costs exactly that same endless amounts of honest energy when it comes to politics). All that endless power of understanding I owe to my family, craftsmen’s-workshop-childhood and unconditional&pure love I was growing up with. On the other hand, I somehow discovered, understood.. somehow I touched all that political and manipulative mechanisms. The interesting part is that at my first job I discovered the “myth creation” knowhow, “making of personality cult” knowhow, “intellectual property” importance for eternally greedy people, lies knowhow, trickery knowhow, soul selling knowhow, manipulation knowhow, people exploitation and much much more of this world’s darkest crafts. After touching that blood with my bare hands, I decided to do redeem myself and do something BIG. Again, endlessly honest and profound. Sublime. Global. Hyper-connected. Mythical. Human. Some kinda of a messiah epic bullshit:D Which, in cases like this, all boils down to plain bullshit bullshit:D So what were the odds for a modest and naive peasant like me of discovering the size and true nature of this big Pirate idea that stroke global political environment. None.

That’s what happened. I was just an oiled up bolt (a temporally blinded and true political believer) in global political machinery which is powered on blood and souls of a young and naive kids. Some of that kids are damaged enough, “strengthen” with emotional scars and they can manage to survive further gang raping of their souls and become beasts of cold political steel.

I did not survived that. I was excreted at the dump of forsaken “useless” people. And I consider myself lucky because of that.

It is kinda symbolic a? I am continuing the fight below the radar while ordinary people of EU countries can run for a seat in European Parliament. Same distance same differences, fifty years ago, a hundred years ago – Balkans and Western Europe. These Balkan “lands” are still at the beginning of their democratic lives, while westerns are “developing” that mechanisms for centuries. Over that vast amount of time they even managed to mutate democracy to pure repression systems like legal-legitimate-corporate-capitalist-fascism :D, we are still drafting our first working copy to test the ride:D

Serbia at the beginning of 20th century.

Serbia at the beginning of 20th century.

Sweden at the beginning of 20th century.

Sweden at the beginning of 20th century.

Nothing changed, now we have Internet to see this differences in high resolution.

What I DID gained are my new eyes. Now I see and know -in detail- how to live my life and save my personal integrity. There is no universal recipe for that – every human path is unique.

Pick your side Human.


9 thoughts on “I am not a political pirate no more.

  1. Good point, if only we could channel all that energy spent in political games and fights toward creative effort, value-building experiences. What a society we would have…

    But you see, in my opinion it’s not really a matter of poltics. Not at the core of the question. It’s a matter of human development! We are quite not there yet, to have ethical politics. Though we have already growing ethical business, ethical banking and ethical finance movements and real life examples/opportunitie. There is therefore hope for future ethical politics. Although it will take generations and some more technological brekthroughs, which will free humanity from its need for greed. Everybody (more or less) is a nice person when his and his neightbour’s human basic (and a little more) needs are fulfilled.

  2. A motivator that coudn t keep himself motivated :(
    Before I started participating in the Argentine pirate party. I knew politics are full of people searching power and making people who works for a better world to leave politics because they get tired. But I decided to get into politics just for that reason. If there is no honest and with high standard values in politics, good people will leave politics once and again. And my goal is to prevent that. I want to give the example that it is possible to be a good politician. I know things will be getting worse and worse every step we move foward. Thats the reason I keep motivating and trying to prepare the rest of the group for whatever could happen in the future. Luckily I am not alone. And we are trying to make the Argentine pirate party a place where nobody has more power that other pirate to try to avoid that fight for power. So we have no leader, and no battle for power inside the party. And we are trying to add that way of thinking in all we do. Sometimes is hard to not move for your principles. But so far is working.

  3. Sad to hear this, but I do understand your reasons. I was in politics once, so I know what you are talking about. When I decided to leave, for more or less same reasons as you, I heard all the same arguments against my decision, but the truth is, I already decided to follow my beliefs, and it was not in political party. To be completely honest, I slipped one more time, when I tried to pull one small political party, but they decided they are better off without me, so they kicked me out and months later they went to collectively join to then ruling party. Dear blaeks, just keep blogging, I’ll be seeing you around.

  4. That is ok… prolitics are bad…
    Enjoy in your life…
    I fully understand you…
    Keed going! :)

    All the best!

  5. It is the question if you are truly a Pirate,
    Does pirates sometimes tend to be facade that hides another, more important agenda that everyone have in mind what it is.
    Pirates need to search and find people that share common goals and to unite people toward mutual interests that move people toward fulfilling their personal freedom..
    And it is important “eating your own dog food”, fulfilling in practice inside your own circle, what you are preaching.
    There is only Democracy for the nations if people behave in a positive democratic way, toward each other.
    I is better to say: “Some things are more important to me then others and I will do something for that”,
    instead of “Things must be my way, if not, let the world end”.

    Also, Those pictures are truly inadequate.
    They represent people from different social levels and income.
    You bet there were much same-dressed and educated (and poorly dressed and uneducated) people in every region in that time.
    If you have a problem with undermining your own region and nationality, then maybe it was a best for you to avoid searching for political support, anyway.

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