Trondheim 2012

My first international transhumanism presentation and much more.


Norway was just a great experience. A good friend called me to participate the annual education symposium of Trondheim International School (
I did my best. Everything was great. Occasion, environment, the idea behind the trip, people, climate, Norway nature. The mix I like.

I was lucky to stay at my friend’s place. A warm home, living place of warm people, Miša & Danka. A friendship which dates almost ten years in past. Belgrade Faculty of Physical Education and the coolest dormitory crew in the universe. Life was great back than. Great energy, different people, hard work (heavy training and learning), discovering wonderful mysteries of human body, discovering physical education methodologies, massive experience exchange – environment where my foundations were forged and place where I opened so many questions to which answers I still wander.

Maaan, I remember writing my personal “prophecy” on a piece of used paper twelve years ago, and sticking it on my closet door. That piece of paper have (I keep that stuff in my secret cove) all my personal goals, fears and ideas stacked in three columns and couple of text clouds. There are Linux, future open world of ideas without scarcity of any kind, open communication, dynamic network of our entities – everything that I am, everything that I miss and everything that I will be. Writing that down was the first time I remember I was re-born. My first rebirth. I remember I was pushing myself over the edge that winter. For the fist time I discovered the power of monk-style living. Hard physical training, only cold showers, no meat, full faculty schedule and intellectual play in my spare time. That was my 2003. day to day environment. I was lucky to have that. Personal feeling was – cosmic.
To add to this, I will always remember Miša and his graduation presentation here in Belgrade. He was covering a field in Theory Of Physical Education, and I helped him with the movie snippets from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001. Odyssey. ^_^
(Danka & Miša, thank you for hospitality once again. <3)

Fast forward ten years later – Miša moved to Norway, now teaching physical education at Trondheim International School and me, living deep and angry Balkan life in conflict with the system, misunderstood in my attempts to establish a pirate party, exploring and conceptualizing my life around writing, hacktivism, infopolicy and my day job as a personal trainer.
2012. was a fast year indeed. Just after the General Assembly of Pirate Parties International I flew to Norway to present my cyborg ideas and have one technology class with 13 years old students.

My intro to
Trondheim International School
PRESENTATION B: Digital Freedom and Open Projects
PRESENTER: Aleksandar Blagojevic – Leader and Founder of Pirate Party Serbia
– (digital) integrity
– self education
– open communication
– hivemind
– cyborg (in) us – immigrants/natives of digital age
– robot rights



General idea behind my presentation was to encourage the faith in young generations. Faith in our digital native offspring. Today kids walk their lives with potent self-confidence of global communication, mutual acceptance and meta-understanding. The only positive bits of our reality – digital natives.

I will always remember Trondheim by the look in eyes of an Indian woman on my lecture. That moment just blew my mind. Someone understood the power behind the ideas I was presenting. Moment when I played snippet from “Ghost In The Shell” was the moment of mutual recognition and trust. That was _the_ moment.
My fist international cyborg lecture put the smile on peoples faces:D

Download presentation here. PPT / PPTX (videos are missing as you can see if you follow the presentation notes. they are classics. but if you want them I will email them to you, just drop me a note to no problem)

Here are my presentation notes, which I find to resonate with my deepest ideas today. Still. (that is a Latin “joke” to start, just to brake the ice)

no01600-sized no02600-sized no03600-sized

*at the dinner that lecture-evening, I met a guy who was playing with the whales while he was a kid. he used to row miles deep into that fjord where whales used to swim:D he also told me that he wold be mad at his son if he do such thing now:D

Second mini-task of my visit was to give one technology class to these fellas (my friend Miša with his class):


Who am I? Why am I here? How to do that class? All of the sudden I was overreacting about one simple class with kids.
Then, in the middle of my Prague – Oslo flight, interesting concept came to my mind: I will ask kids to teach _me_ about the topics _I_ supposed to teach.

I asked this crew a simple question: What is the Internet for your knowledge?
Here is what they told me:
– place where to find info
– connect with the world around you
– interactive place where you can find people from
– place where you can contribute
– contact with other people see what is going on there and play games
– place where you can research
– on-line way to communicate research
– communicate with people, share and find information
– place where you get more knowledge
– communicating with other people
– playing games and researching
– place where you communicate with other people and research
– games and information – Internet is just awesome
– place where you can play a lot of games

Norway 2012. visit – final summation:
– raw natural
– potent
– relaxed
– open
– warm

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