This is a dirty job, but someone has to do it

More than six months I was begging for reason. Nothing.
In order to stay strong and sharp, one should occasionally look deep into their most complex weaknesses and fight them there.
Pirate Party of Serbia has a years long fight for that reason mentioned – basic human rights. We won many external battles, but as we all know – the toughest one is within. This year taught me a lot. Read our up to date time-line of our fights.


#how Pirates of Serbia won non-transparency of newcomers and racism case of Jelena Jovanović

May 14. 2012.
My suggestion NOT to close our pirate platforms for public sparked everything:!topic/piratska-general/YwSYZEpi9GA

May 28. 2012.
My same and consistent suggestion to our socnet-media team to open platforms for public reading:

Jun 3. 2012.
Then, first example of Jelena’s racism exploded before our eyes:!searchin/piratska-general/cigan/piratska-general/IrV7zIhxCSs/lBMoD_YK_QkJ
Jelena Jovanović: “To tidy up website not to look like a poor Gipsy village.”
Imediately she got a friendly warning from our youngest member, not to play dangerous racism game.
Jelena replies: “IMAGINE WEBSITE OF ROMA VILLAGE. It would have THAT MUCH poor txt editor:) fuckin. I do not have anything against Roma people.”
That passed like that, but it was on the edge because group was working on several important issues and was not focused enough.

Jun 4. 2012
Next day, Jelena shows her real face and that was enough for our swift action:
This is by-the-book example of pure racism in action:
Jelena Jovanović: “I would not hang out with Roma people but I do not hate them.”
Several reactions from the group between replies, than:
Jelena Jovanović: “Why, that is my private thing. Why that is that a problem?”
I am proud to say that PPRS had a immediate reaction that same evening and we banned her from all our pirate platforms:
We also informed the PPI but received no reaction whatsoever. That opens the other question of legitimacy of PPI.


#how I detected a pack of six opportunistic hypocrites within our crew (persons listed below)
· Boris Prpić
· Marko Mitrović
· Goran Đukanović
· Maja Asanović
· Bojan Petronijević
· Nenad Lazarov
Basically this are the people behind A non governmental organization with a single purpose to abuse and use the good name of Pirate Party of Serbia. Their official and registered name is “Pirate Movement”, but they still represent themselves as a Pirate Party everywhere (check out the website: Once they were active members of Pirate Party but when it was needed to act and defend basic human rights this people betrayed us and the organization with a series of below the belt punches.

September 27. 2007.
I gave our standard and non-negotiable support for the upcoming Gay Pride week in Belgrade, as a representative of Pirate Party of Serbia. (note only 20 or so “likes”)

September 03. 2012.
Mentioned people voted NOT to support gay pride this year, closing themselves in a forum section on our site and “voting” in the name self proclaimed “core-team”:

September 16. 2012. 18:12
Mentioned persons then publicly announced that Pirate Party does NOT support a non violent walk of our fellow citizens who belong gay minorities.

September 16. 2012. 18:36
Boris Prpić call for voting out, in order to take off admin status for me after more than 3 years of full trust.
Immediately after this incidents, Boris Prpić stole our whole user database, used it to copy the whole of our mother site and to publish as Today, mentioned group of people act as, and claim legitimacy for Pirate Party by registering non governmental organization which is not, and can not be treated as a political organization. People behind are facing serious charges for using and abusing the good name fo Pirate Party of Serbia. As of today (November 28th, 2012), they are very consistent in that destruction. Hereby I appeal to people behind to stop to use the good name of Pirate Party of Serbia in their promotion, to act accordingly to Serbian Law and Constitution and promote themselves as a newly formed and registered non-governmental organization NOT as a political party, especially not as a Pirate Party. This is my last appeal prior legal interventions.


For those who live outside of Serbia, Just to feel the scale of the problem we are facing here in Serbia, compare the number of “likes” regarding Gay Pride. 20 of them supporting and 50 not supporting it, even within our former official facebook channel! Slow but firm education of our “likes” was something we took great care of. The mastery needed to channel needed energy, fight for the universal values and gain support from our public is unimaginable complex. That is one of the most complicated jobs we still have on our table. This group behind inverted to zero our years-long education and communication with our community, they also condemned the Pirate movement in Serbia for next couple of years to unfair fight for equality. This incident could even damage universality of Pirate agenda but we were quick and sharp with our pro-active reactions. Nevertheless it took us unprecedented amount of energy to do that. Personally, I spent my last six months in defending our good name and maintaining the Pirate infrastructure to the lowest details.

Now, I think that you can see more clear how and why is this Pirate Serbian fight so crucial in defending basic civil liberties in our country as a precondition to free and open society of future world.

People behind are malicious and very dangerous for our comunity. They managed to fragment our unique stream of interventions, temporarily damage the good name behind the noble idea. On top of all this, will operate as a registered ngo body adding even more spice on corrupt Serbian ngo sector that EU already perceive as a huge problem.

Up until now, I devoted my whole energy, creativity and social influence to fight for basic human rights and Pirate values in Serbia.
I will not give up. Either irrationality of this country will kill me, or I will kill irrationality.


3 thoughts on “This is a dirty job, but someone has to do it

  1. Voting against explicitly supporting something
    is not the same as voting for NOT explicitly supporting something.

    You started explicitly supporting something without asking anyone for approval or support
    Idea was voted out and you ignored it.
    Result is that someone else went to another extreme publishing that it does Not explicitly support something.

    Neither was in interest of PP but you have not realized it.

    Finally, targeting personally the most active people in PP and trying to to patch them unsolicited labels (that you know are not true, but it suits you to say it like that). goes against PP in the first place.

    So, basically, you tend to stop human communication between people in PP, allowing only your ego to step up.
    Please stop burning bridges and start making new ones.
    It suppose to be Pirate party of Serbia – not Pirate Party of Bleaks.

  2. Dear idiot

    we have the signatures you falsification and we have all the logs from your “pirate” chat.

    We know you got admonishment from Commissioner for Information of public importance Mr. Rodoljub Sabic for things you did with private data of members of Pirate movement in Serbia. Luckily, you are out, and it is not temporary.

    And we know your wish is to end up in jail, like your political hero Vojislav Šešelj. But you will not get that pleasure, keep up with your hate speech, someone else will sue you sooner or later.

    Go treat yourself medically. You have serious diagnose.

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