Nomen est omen.

  • Mash-ups
  • Smashups
  • Bastard pop
  • Blends
  • Cutups
  • Powermixing

Sounds cool, a? Actually sounds way better than this list. Cutting edge art of… of all times. Yet to be praised. I have a long term plan to cover modern mashups, shreds and bastard pops and I find this as a decent kickstart for the theme. So, let’s do our homework.
This dude is a fucking God. check this out: (this is one of his top woks and hopefully, if you are normal sane person, you will not get back on this article)

I discovered a stsanders months ago (a year maybe), but not until recently I pushed myself to do a more serious analysis.

Here is the story. Santeri Ojala is the name. Wired covered this genius the best. They even host banned youtube videos for our pleasure and future generations freedom of information. B-r-a-v-o wired, you feel the net right.

10.17.07 – Stsanders enters the dragon and gets the attention.

10.19.07 – Tears appart Iron Maiden.

12.04.07 – And do kinky shit.

05.02.08 – Then fuckers push his work off the net. (this always turns out to be great, as a long term effect. see all this wired coverage, wired video hosting… this humble contribution)

02.08.08 – Then, COMBO. Blow your miserable and useless mind with this intelligent artistic pack. Now.
And remember boys and girls: there is always a finn ingenious guy who is just like playing with your trip that you are worth something. You imagine that you do your shit the best in the world. No. There is someone who is just better than all the best – combined. Period.



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