Serbia 2012 before it’s too late

This year, my friend, his family and his closest friends in Medveđa (south Serbia on border with Kosovo) got serious threats by non official undercover and quasi police – not to interfere in local socio-pollitical activities, journalist reports or any other “dis-obeying” activity. That was illegal and very, very serious threat to young people strugling to raise family in a corner of Serbia which is not supported bay _anyone_. That crossroad is a place for manipulation and crisis-trade with almost no regulations at all.

Also, this year Serbian Orthodox Church said strict and sharp NO to basic human rights such is free and peaceful gathering of people in our capitol Belgrade. The order came straight from above – Serbian church boss-dude Irinej, demanded from our Prime Minister Ivica Dačić to prohibit this year’s Gay Pride walk signalling to our community that difference is not accepted nor respected in Serbia (“by representing the will of majority of population” as Irinej said in his addressing to our national media).

This year (also), in fact this week, our young national football team encouraged by our fascist and racist leaders on the wings of hooligan songs and hails, nailed that “values” on the field by insulting and humiliating British black skinned footballer. Hear the insults  (you _will_ understand without knowing english):
On top of that our selector said: “Sorry for what? To have a fight you need two sides.” Nuff said.
The problem I am writing about is of course unimaginably above our selector, stupid and nation-representation-manipulated sportsmen and politicians. Serbian Orthodox Church by making public and brutal killing of love, peace and understanding, also took away from people the capacity to accept and embrace the difference, even the difference in skin color on the football match. Fascist and rasist posters all over Serbia spawning like a mushrooms after rain, you can hear vulgar and unpleasant kids every day in front of my building (I live next to elementary school, south east Belgrade) – all that shit is just baaaad feeling and environment. This is just a bulk representation of what I see and hear every day.

Activists I know got reeeeeally fucked up and tired of all this mental repression and social destruction. We as a society, became a starving lion with his last attempt to hunt a pray and survive. IF we manage to get ourselves in that position to run for our society again we will be lucky. There are no special hopes and wishes, this is not a fairy tale, this is undeveloped Serbia – highly dependant on progress of the rest of the world. If would not have the world around us as it is, we would most probably starve and rob ouselves to death. Last resort of sane people with capacity to accept and power themselves up with the value of bare difference, are the people on this fucking Internet which is kinda off balance, we all agree on this with our asses in pain after hours of facebooking and breaking nights and nights in front of led matrices “hacking” our life to autistic death…

I would just like that exchange half of this “abundance” and “advanced communication” online with my physical one.


2 thoughts on “Serbia 2012 before it’s too late

  1. “our fascist and racist leaders”
    – you must be ON DRUGS writing this.
    Unless you are one of them, you know “leaders”.

    No border to Serbian province Kosovo and Metohija, but illegal ones, and you know it.

    So “hooligans” are also members of the football teams from UK and elsewhere? Why being “politically correct” is a must?

    We so have British tourists every year in Serbia and they are coming _more_ and more – HAVING SO MUCH FUN.

    So screw it – being politically correct –
    there is more to real life then fake Journalists “observations” – that is what , in sane mind – you MUST criticize and Not support.

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