the most boring article blaeks ever “wrote”

In fact I did not wrote a shit.
The cake for our beloved queen was already there. Here is another copy pour votre grand plaisir.

There is kinda interesting “sociology” stuff here:

Boring porno-talk video???


Go fuck yourself. Internet is the last place you shall spend your time on. The truth is not here, this is just a simple time-eating machine. Forget LHC hadron collider and physics mastery they speak about. That will be boring most-productive-ever and most-responsible-achievement-ever. You are not responsible humanoid if you read this stuff. Suck less – stay offline more.

Okeeeee, you gotta work and you are tight with your deadlines… We all know that your procrastination is the worst enemy out there, so what?! I see. So you are _that_ much masochistic motherfucker after all and you are still reading this?! I hope you will die without pain so your shitty soul wont whine around how onerous your death was.

Stuff I learned while _not_ writing this blogpost:
Good food doesn’t need fancy ingredients to taste delicious.” – right, all you need is to use the best spice available: hunger.
The Internet exists, and that will stay with you forever.” – OR, you stay with the Internet and die surfing/downloading hoping that your zzettabytes will eventually mean something.
Who controls the show, controls the reality/world.” – face it: you_are_a_part_of_the_show. you_are_not_alone. there_are_A_LOT_of_miserable_beings_like_you_on_this_Internet (and that is irrelevant – that is just for your humanoid comfort). you_are_just_miserable_piece_of_cosmic_shit, on_a_even_more_miserable_planet, in_a_shitty_universe (kinda sounds epic and big) (which is most probably simulated by shitty computers who lack your precious “human” emotions). You are special sparky motherfucker – go play with it and stay miserably happy and fulfilled with the very joy of unique LIFE in your veins.

Your great leader,
General Baeks Biofor


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