Incredible Pirates of India


Pirate Party India

During one of my routine roaming on distant and wild seas, I stumbled upon the very embryo of our east oasis. Yeah oasis, because those guys _will_ save the world, I tell you;) I am known as someone who just give people big credit and energy (I also jump to conclusions fast). That’s who I am. I also produce shitload of idea/second – that’s how I get out of the shitstorm when I (eventually) make one. But in this case I just know and feel (how typical, ha :D) that India dudes are doing it right. I mean, look at that learning plan <> beautiful! This is _exactly_ what people need today.

Our world is lucky to have pirates of India F/OSS just like they are. Ok, they are set right – but it’s upon us to help them develop that nice free and open seed.

There is even more to add on my hippie happiness. Pirates of India need only 100 people to register and run for elections – other question is how/if they gonna make it. Maybe even more important stuff is if they are perceived as needed political power in India. I can talk for hours how/why they are crucial new element in India politics but I would like to have a big&fat pack of comments/critique on this part – especially from you who live there and around that economical zone. I think that compiling as much analysis we can will eventually help Pirates of India press right buttons overthere and make India better place for living.


Cultural differences are quite substantial.
For the fist time in my pirate “career”, I encountered rather odd situation in one of our pirate irc channs (really never happened before. I may overemphasising it a bit, but couple of days and dozen India pirate-webpages after, this comes to be significant).
It was 4PM Serbia time, 8PM India time. While having standard F/OSS conversation, dudes overthere had to go – to have a dinner:D While most of us cyber-online-hanging persons are eating only when we have to (crawling to the kitchen starving & overcaffeinated) – India guys obviously not. It is refreshing to see balanced group online. This made me re-think about my “balance” and how should I work on it. I will try to apply these basic and simple tasks/values back in my life. Eventually I got totally burned out, turned into non-productive and unreliable wannabe-smart-and-very-boring-ass. In fact, I am heavily suffering on _all_ dangers of DoOcracy <>. Frustrated a lot of people around me with this also. Point by point. Time to stop this shit.

I just managed to screw one more thing at the begging of this week, but in one hour I am getting my ass outside and re-starting my brain cycles.

“Cometh the hour, cometh the man”
(will thank India later. if I make this much needed change)

Oh… Here is one synth-heavy song:


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