I have had it enough

Starting this summer I was offering hand and called for reason. Also _solution_ to the “problem”: not to question IF we support Pride or not, but HOW to support it. We could do regular vote and support like a pussies by “liking” the shit, or to be in the first lines of Pride walk. Now I realise that “problem” we had is pure incompetence and incapability to handle wise and functional political decisions. Yes, Pirate party Serbia got stuck with dis-functional people for a while but now we solved that problem, the hard way. The Pirate way. Also I take full responsibility on these series of decisions made this week.

Group betrayed me and the organization. Now they act as a bunch of clowns, for example they support gay marriage (third paragraph, easily translatable by google) but they will not support Pride this year. Ridiculous! They waste our time and energy. My personal solution offers and “heavy talk” was published on a public mail list by Boris (at that point in time pirate technical administrator who was handling our servers and social networks). Even after that I was offering a deal, and NO. I had to protect my ass and the good name of Pirate Party.

Let me clear the mess for you: New dis-functional fraction formed and you can find them on this address: http://piratska.org/ – “Piratski Pokret” aka, “Pirate movement” the non-functional group aiming NGO sector. Also they hijacked our facebook page for Pirate Party, the OLD fb page is here: https://www.facebook.com/piratska DISLIKE this.

The good old one is still here: http://piratskapartija.com/ – “Piratska Partija” aka “Pirate Party” a well defined, politically incorrect and oppositional POLITICAL organisation in Serbia fighting for basic human rights and liberties in our digital age. Our NEW fb page is here: https://www.facebook.com/piratisrbije – LIKE THIS ONE, and DIS-like the one taken from us.

As of yesterday (after this sad mayhem), only serious and grown-up responsible people already started to approach. We are aiming to destroy the corruption and criminal “activities” in Serbia first. We do that by our hacktivism as we know that best, but now we got stronger with experience of our older Pirates mateys!


3 thoughts on “I have had it enough

  1. blaeks, if you wanted to do anything, you had YEARS to do it. Instead, you were only slowing down other people and acted as a dictator. You have no real argument for anything at this point.
    I would like to see you parade at Pride, in the front row, whole time, recorded. No excuses. Since you have an excuse for everything, just to slack off…

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