The Battle of Our Time

18 March 2012

From the moment 144 countries agreed in Australia in 1988 to exempt the new Network from economic and technical regulations up to now, the demonstration of strength and openness of horizontal, ultimately anarchistic, world we all live in is present. The future took place.

Today, half a million people actively join the Internet each day. For each job the Internet closes down, it opens 2.6 new ones. Each attempt to regulate the Internet only for the sake of regulating it by the inert establishment has been prevented (SOPA/PIPA, hopefully ACTA) and brutally punished (wikileaks, anonymous, stratfor, FBI, CIA, NSA). Our Network gained consciousness as shown by a high level of responsibility and self-sustainability.
However, the Internet today, as every child, does not have a complete and invulnerable integrity – it needs to be protected just a little more, until it secures its pocket money and food. A destructive international initiative, allegedly intended to regulate and prevent forgery (ACTA) and a special UN Agency for regulating information and telecommunication technologies (ITU) have consciously, while it is a small chance it was unconsciously, started realising the clockwork plan to inhibit the Internet freedom. Since its beginnings, the Internet is practically a self-organized planetary phenomenon completely relying on responsible people with a keen sense of importance and redundancy of open communication.

The reason I used “pocket money and food” metaphor is more than obvious and at the moment it is important to deal with it very seriously. Internet indeed does own its knowledge, openness, agility and lucid self-sustainability in every sense, but unfortunately, only a few centimetres away from its field of ideas and logic. The Internet is a wunderkind raised on the remains of the former civilization which is both its mother and father. It is up to his parents now to give it a chance and support to provide the energy for its, as we all realistically expect, endless life in a new horizontal world of ideas.

International ACTA agreements and ITU (special UN teleco agency) are proactively destroying all possibilities for it to happen.

A parallel fight of several initiatives is going on at the moment which in some points do not even know one another. The hacking scene practically secured its integrity, regular users are suspicious of the escalation of the clash of the titans and they simply cannot catch the rhythm with the most dynamic hive of knowledge, skills, communication and clashes. The establishment acts as a blind and deaf giant with a sword in its hand which cuts through all installations and sinks all ships under its feet.

Whether the ingenious subversive initiative to build a Darknet on ITS OWN energy resources will manage to become _our_ means and communication medium in every way, rather than to let the Internet-child be raped and murdered by the gray-heads is NOT to be seen, but to be realized – to realize the defence and the evolution through our own active participation!

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