Some Arguments Against ACTA

in the scope!

Christian Engström, Pirat

It is true that some claims made by some opponents to ACTA have been exaggerated, which is perhaps natural, but is still unfortunate. There is no need to paint ACTA as being worse than it actually is. There are enough things about ACTA to raise concern anyway.

Here are some of them:

“ACTA changes nothing, but is crucial” makes no sense
This is the main argument of the proponents of ACTA. In the US they say that ACTA will change no US laws, and in the EU they say that it will not change any EU laws. Yet, they say that signing ACTA is crucial. They have spent four years negotiating ACTA behind closed doors, and have used every trick in the book to keep both civil society and elected parliamentarians from being able to influence the outcome. But now that they are ready, they claim that what they have…

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