exclusive anonymous #opmegaupload interview

Our Internet dayz are more an more epic. Since our global team up and epic defense of wikileaks, next big thing happened – preventive action in order to safeguard a huge part of our Interwebz. As I already pointed out this is yet another battle. Shitload will come sooner and more randomly we expect. So, polish and improve your knowledge, nourish your connections and engage a bit more energy in opening up your mind because that will save our asses till we achieve our next goal. Yes, the world of ideas is at our grasp. It has never been closer to our sight. Our journey is carried by the free information flow and that’s what we MUST defend with all our strength!

The Internet has matured these years. The collective or our brains, in order to save the greatest of all core values today > the free information flow responds in time, responsibly and the most importantly – without any force nor destruction. Defenses like this are the quantum leaps towards the new open and free world.

Keep calm and disobey.

Below is the irc talk with my anon friend, taken directly form our battlefield during the greatest government/corporate sites outage in history . The idea for this interview came from my friend Ivan, who will write an #opmegaupload coverage article for our (Serbian) major printed computer magazine, Svet Kompjutera. Enjoy!

<blaeks> ok, I got the questions from a friend-journalist

<blaeks> will post it to you now one by one

<sh4ri4> yeah and also some ppl WERE using MegaUpload to store shit. I was using it to send songs I bought – to my friend when she travels in the third world. whe would grab stuff from me at the airport off there to listen to on her flights.

<blaeks> I have to admit I rarely use megauplaod

<sh4ri4> i only used it to share music – THAT I HAD PURCHASED – with my ex-gf when she travelled. and that music was licensed for 10 devices.

<blaeks> LOL

<blaeks> here is the frist q

<sh4ri4> zipped and password protected. it was a dump site.

<blaeks> 01 If senate enact sopa/pipa should we expect physical protests?

<sh4ri4> ppl used it for lots of things

<sh4ri4> i doubt it. people will simply work their way around it.

<sh4ri4> there are already workarounds in place

<sh4ri4> one question people are asking tho – is if a coud based storage service can get shut down like this NOW ….

<sh4ri4> well what happens after SOPA gets passed?

<blaeks> we will get to it:D

<blaeks> 02 Having Google and other companies on the same side as anonymous could we conclude that those parties are connected in some way? Are there a negotiations about some further actions?

<sh4ri4> well there is a problem with that question

<sh4ri4> anonymous is a flag – not a movement per se

<sh4ri4> anonymous does not plan actions – some ppl plan actions and fly the flag

<blaeks> (ok, we have to state that in order that norp get the point)

<blaeks> cool next que

<sh4ri4> if google were to choose tto flt the flag lots of us would laugh

<blaeks> 03 If sopa/pipa does not pass, mpaa and other companies will not give up the info war. Do you/we know their (the industry and it’s lobbies) next moves?

<sh4ri4> i can’t speak for them. They will likely try to get another law passed. btw, in my opinion, they have every right to protect their intellectual property.

<blaeks> I have to ask now…

<blaeks> is there such thing as intellectual property?

<sh4ri4> sure. if I do a job on the condition i get paid for it. I expect to be paid.

<sh4ri4> it is very simple. dont take my work without paying for it.

<sh4ri4> this is not about the right to steal peoples work

<blaeks> sure, but those guys force people to pay for the mere right! to play/”own” and share content

<blaeks> and they force it with the real guns

<sh4ri4> well thats another thing right – once i buy something – i do what i want with it. thats why i think the apple license for itunes is reasonable. i think u can put it on 10 devices.

<sh4ri4> i have a biiger problem with being told what to do with hardware. softrware is complicatred because it can be diplicated so easily

<sh4ri4> but dont tell me i cant use my ps3 as a toaster or a paperweight if I want lol.

<blaeks> ack

<blaeks> point taken

<blaeks> the last one

<blaeks> 04 For the end, what is the darkest expectable vision of the Internet you can imagne right now?

<sh4ri4> look at china or iran. it’s already there. we dont want that happenng here.

<blaeks> another point taken.

<sh4ri4> one important point

<sh4ri4> very important

<blaeks> I am becoming an ear nou.

<sh4ri4> NO ONE takes DDoS seriously. Kids do it to each other all the time on online gaming.

<sh4ri4> and it is the only form of protest they have on the internet and it is peaceful

<sh4ri4> no one gets hurt, no one gets teargassed, no glass gets broken.

<blaeks> true true

<blaeks> that is important!

<sh4ri4> BUT they are getting their doors kicked open and being tossed in jail for that

<sh4ri4> it is being met with VIOLENCE

<sh4ri4> please get that point across

<blaeks> I WILL

<blaeks> should we conclude the “interview” with this ?

<sh4ri4> i think thats a good place to conclude it yup

<blaeks> cool

<sh4ri4> and they can use my nick for all that

<sh4ri4> if it helps give it more legitimacy

<blaeks> oke

<sh4ri4> as long as they include that final point it’s in the record

<sh4ri4> er on the record

<blaeks> I will copy all this as it is.

<blaeks> Ivan will publish it

<blaeks> also I will publish the talks on my blog tonight, a?

<sh4ri4> cool. send me links :-)


An addition. the picture below describes the best the day we defeated SOPA/PIPA. I almost cried, my eyes were full of tears.




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