tpb god Murlok spoke to me – I was blessed at the end of the day

<blaeks> when you have time
<blaeks> I am a founder of pp in Serbia, would like to make an interview with you and also to ask for eventual support
<Murlok> speak
<blaeks> I want to do promo on our pp site
<Murlok> yeah so ?
<blaeks> and to digg somehow the connection with you guys to redirect tpb banner to our site
<blaeks> to do the promo of tpb
<Murlok> well in that case you need to ask the OP
<blaeks> a bit more techy way, because I have a series of texts describing in detail the importance of free information flo w
<blaeks> no problem
<Murlok> yeah I see but I only murlok
<blaeks> would you like to send you the questions or to do it live here?
<Murlok> np do it live all watching :)
<blaeks> in a couple of minutes will drop you the questions
<blaeks> oke?
<Murlok> ok
<blaeks> meanwhile — my blog
<Murlok> did look
<blaeks> the first three
<blaeks> 00 how many pirates are there engaged in tpb tech managing, the first leyer?
<blaeks> 01 when was the last ddos or any other attack happen?
<blaeks> 02 Years after the first raid tpb is now hardware secure (right?) and lots of ddos attacks later, are you and how ddos-proof?
<Murlok> 00 nobody knows
<blaeks> would you be kind to develop a bit?
<blaeks> why?
<Murlok>  01 sometime ago and always does
<blaeks> decentralized tech administration
<Murlok> 02 in a way
<Murlok> Tpb are a hydra
<blaeks> 03 What is your task at tpb?
<Murlok> I just a uploader
<blaeks> aha
<blaeks> 04 How much TBs did you uploaded?
<Murlok> lol
<blaeks> that would be LOL TBs uploaded
<blaeks> hellz
<Murlok> thats life and me murlok
<blaeks> 05 why are you uploading to tpb?
<Murlok> win 7
<blaeks> why… no what?  I am on rakia but consistent:D
<Murlok> well we all got are interst
<Murlok> EG pm me plz
<blaeks> how would you like to end this mocking and harassing interview before you get your sleep?
<Murlok> not give a shit anyway :D
<blaeks> oke, thax. will publish it soon
<Murlok> np take care not get caught :)


2 thoughts on “tpb god Murlok spoke to me – I was blessed at the end of the day

    • pitao sam kinky worst case scenario pitanja i nije im bilo dobro. na kraju sam se razumeo sa ovim likom i eto. tpb is strong&kickin’ amin.

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