EuroDIG 2011

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(fake corporate) fluffy Clouds, pseudo-privacy, angry pirates and “open” dialogue of EuroDIG 2011

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In fact, this is politically incorrect statement by Carl Bildt. If, for example, our (Serbian) prime minister would call for ultimately free and open Internets, most probably Obama would shoot a lot of us with drones and laser guided bombs (de-personalized violence in the name of democracy LOL). Sadly, but most probably > your lazy Internet ass will not stand that long and watch the end of this video in which Carl Bildt calls for the essentials of today.

Fact zero: save the Internet as a medium; do not allow filtering by content, do not allow censorship nor exclusiveness of any kind! Save your own freedom by everyday learning and understanding how to keep the free information flow untouched by evil human ways!!!


I guess it’s not too late for the review of EuroDIG 2011. I equipped the text with a bunch of interesting stuff so you should not be bored with it.
Official EuroDIG page >>> here.

This year’s EuroDIG was the first ever to have pirates taking the part of the forum. We are not honored nor thankful to organizers making this possible because “It’s always open, always inclusive, never too late to get involved!”:D

Oke, let’s start with a couple of definitions. A quick google search for “eurodig” give us the following result list.
(these are my results, who knows how google “optimized” your search and your results)
– 4rd meeting of the European dialogue on Internet Governance Forum
It’s always open, always inclusive, never too late to get involved!
– The Pan-European dialogue on Internet governance
a Carl Bildt at EuroDIG 2011 video…
and so on…

Now, let us analyse the dialogue, openness, never to late and governance elements of this year’s EuroDIG. First of all I should note that no one was banned, expelled or canceled during the conference (not that I know about). Though one crazy showed-out-of-nowhere-troll even yelled something weird to the microphone during the closing words of the conference. In that point of open-pan-European-dialogue, Internet codex happened outside the Internets and all of us just waited for the troll to silent himself, which was in 3seconds  -_-

Participation was free of charge and ANY Internet user could take the part of this forum. First question that came to my mind was: “how come that this event was not filled with Internet activists and other netizens oO ?Well… EuroDIG seem to be highly organized event with very prominent and “responsible” thinkers, influential people, mega-corporations and us (the geeks, pirates and hackers) but unfortunately without hordes of trolls deriving the best of us. Considering the importance: the global scale event, free participation, free meals (not to be ignored), media exposure – all of that without trolls. Odd. Isn’t it?

One should never take anything for granted, so note that this dialogue was sponsored by the biggest and most powerful corporations of today like google, microsoft, lenovo, cisco, telenor, huawei… Representatives of several European governments (Serbian also), also were active and present. Our prime minister took the participation with his one-way-no-comments-please-on-the-biggest-Internet-governance-two-way-com-fourm-speech:D Our “feds” covered wide variety of activities such are: setting up the wires, screens for advertisements, speech-to-text hardware, billboards with corporate commercials for cloud computing… All of that important shit. (to suck-up to bigcompanies of course) ^_^

Not to forget other organisations: ICAAN (neutrality of this organisation is being questioned already of course), RNIDS (our local/Serbian names and numbers authority), verisign (LOL) and USAID (omnipresent dudes). What comes to my mind at this point of this text is:
We should thank and honor geeks who provide the knowledge being packed, with enormous amounts of work, into the Internets today so we can still compute with confidence while our root name servers are being distributed via anycast technology.

I would be deceiving myself and you if I would say that the EuroDIG was awesome, incredibly open and innovative considering it’s primary mission. No, it was not: it was hipster-like conference/forum. Huge amounts of “smart” people, skilled performers, dedicated workshops, experts, also huuuge amount of wasted computer and brain power. Ah yes, we had the flawless real time speech-to-text converter and twitter wall with #eurodig hashtag:D Fancy, a? You can read/download transcripts here. Video archive is here.

Let’s not be naive, forum organised by mega-corporations with affiliated governments can not express/understand the Internet in the same way as we the Internet users with the commercial and payed (even filtered connection) do. Even worse, EuroDIG was a big corporate cloud computing commercial. Billboards with various cloud computing commercials were everywhere.

On the privacy panel I mentioned that the present network is defect by design and therefore we are being cynically a-pragmatic to solve today’s complicated Internet privacy problem. “The hipsters” even discussed the coolness of cloud usability and “privacy” issues in the corporate clouds – while we have the situation of Internet connection filtering, insane data retention, arrests because of free software usage all across Europe. There is even the war against free music ongoing!
To summarize: Internet seen from the perspective of mega-corporations should be “televised” service – with additional services payed for special price from the special provider for the special (politically silent) users at the special place – so you as the Internet user of tomorrow can not post any politically incorrect post on the random network. See the scope of the problem?!


***Industry/es own the governments. It’s not the conspiracy, it’s a fact. This year’s EuroDIG was the corporate-cloud-computing-presentation as much as it could be. Advertisements were like this: “Take our clouds for your data as you take a bank for your money. Let us handle your data, we will save your data and optimize the cloud performance based on your data.” INSANE!!!

***Corporate vendor-lock-in clouds are in fact the fake computer clouds. The companies are presenting the cloud computing services simply because they are thrilled about their power savings! Not because they managed to provide us a true cloud. We, the Internet users make the true clouds by using the p2p networks for example. Our decentralized p2p networks are the true computer clouds where no one owns the framework and all of us benefit out that fact. If you put your data on the corporate “cloud” you give up of your data. Simple as that. Rely on community computer clouds do not use corporate computer clouds.

****Privacy: usable point by the Senior Advisor and Deputy Head of the Network Security from Sweden (see transcripts for details):
“to sort of encourage the privacy by design thought, that everybody that designs through this chain doesn’t necessarily use personal data unnecessarily for transactions and tracking and so on. So, use data in a privacy protection sense.
Swedish guy was backed by us, the Serbian pirates, during this workshop. We pushed the simple questions/facts about free and open source solutions to Internet privacy. Serbian Telenor representative stated insane sentence: “we will not sell the consumer data to third party of course, we will not make money out of it. we will analyse the data for our own usage and business.” – everyone laughed, even the peers on the stage next to him.


Few important POST EuroDIG updates – ultimate milestones!
(at least until we finally legalize p2p and ensure Net neutrality by ourselves and/or by law)

The Seven Hoursemen of the Web Apocalypse  howto video:)

  • Also there is one uber-vunder dude who will show us how to nooter our ISP:D
    “Dan Kaminsky calls his invention Nooter (a contraction of the phrase “neutral router”). It is a sort of lie-detector test for internet service providers (ISPs). Nooter will be able to send traffic along different paths and determine whether or not your ISP is deliberately slowing some of your internet traffic, such as data from file-sharing web sites.”

Of course we will luuuv this gadget:)


In my opinion Internet privacy should be build and understood in the same manner as the (physical) home privacy is. For example – if you want to “crypt” your communication with your closest persons and talk about very personal/private stuff you will do it at home on the couch, with the window curtains on, with adjusted voice volume – so we could name that conversation as the analogue crypted conversation.
Now, in order to understand the scope of the problem, let us analyze a simple everyday google search. Take the Internet as a city square, a bunch of people buzzing around you are the Internet users and you have a simple question to ask. If you do not crypt your Internet connection your questioning will be something like this: you are in the middle of the square, you step on the box to look more prominent, and shout your question loud. A guy who knows the answers (google) to most of the questions, hear your question and approach to you with the customized answer based on your location, box shape, skin color, face shape and voice properties. People on the square can hear your possible question about sex, relationships, selfconfidence or even quantum physics and also they can hear the google’s answer too. Most important thing is that the google remembers and records your question, his answer and your reaction to the answer. The interesting fact is that there is always a stalker recording all of these things too – you name him a FBI or NSA or whatever your national stalker service is.
See the importance of the Internet communication crypting now? We should project the good old household “crypting” techniques on the Internet ASAP! Then to deal with cloud computation scaling.

Ingenious fact (came from my very best friend Samir Aliloui of the Dutch Pirate praty) is that we should relate to the Internet as a sewer system of our information society. Yes! Think about it for a while. We all need the neutral sewer (information) system that works and there should be no one who gives the exclusive priority over that framework!!!

my friends, support, inspiration and knowledge sources:
Samir Allioui – —> his party blog
Amelia Andersdotter – —> her uberblog
David van Deijk – — > his uberPirateLinkList

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