my message to each Jasmine country



Finally I have some extra time to publish my thoughts on pirate parties, hacktivism, infopolicy, revolutions and basic human values as I see them. This text will quote and remix my letter sent to the pirates of the world trough PPI mail list this January, when Tunisians had their democratic hactivist win.

“Of course this is excellent!

My quality add on – advice for the people of Tunisia:

Right after rejection of totalitarian regime here in Serbia, when people got their power of vote, the only thing that came up to be essential is to save the identity and integrity of  both – the people and the nation. These core values are essential for every group of people, nation or state for example.

We (Serbia) ended up as soulless and shapeless country. Power of money eat us alive as I write this to you. International trade agreements and post capitalistic values put most of the countries in this situation – to simply sell their people and territories as an act of “collaboration and trade”. It is a worldwide holocaust with nice and fancy gift-wraps around the signed international trade deals.

Tunisia after having their democracy and voice of people heard, have to think hard on how to proceed further. My personal opinion/advice is uncomfortably simple:

00 read the text of the international trade agreements
01 make no compromise and protect basic human rights/values – on every level!
02 make decisions in the name of the people, country and the national values

have a nice freedom:)”


Aleksandar Blagojevic aka blaeks
former PPI board member


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